The Insurance Institute of Kentucky is a non-profit corporation dedicated to educating, supporting, and assisting the Kentucky insurance consumer, market, and industry.

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IIK Working to Fix a Broken PIP System

One of IIK’s major legislative goals is to fix Kentucky’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) system. PIP is the only medical coverage in Kentucky that has no means of controlling costs. There is no fee schedule or network rate that applies, and all provider bills are presumed to be reasonable. In addition, recent court decisions have hampered the ability of insurers to examine claims to determine if the treatment relates to the accident or is reasonably priced.

IIK advocates for the following changes in PIP:

  • Allow insurers a means to challenge the reasonableness of a provider’s billing.
  • Limit the types of medical services that could be paid by PIP.
  • Allow insurers the ability to use claims investigation methods to determine if treatment is necessary and related to the accident.

IIK is working with legislators and other stakeholders to make positive changes in PIP, including combatting fraud that is rampant in the Metro Louisville area. Read more about PIP here.

IIK’s Legislative Success

IIK has a track record of success in promoting legislation to benefit the insurance consumer and the industry. Following is a list of IIK agenda bill passed in the last few years.


  • HB 151: Insurance Fraud Deterrence


  • HB 323: Insurance Fraud
  • HB 402: Premium Tax Credit Balance Refunds


  • HB 112: Landlord Liability for Dogs
  • HB 191: Several Insurance Topics
  • HB 215: Accident Report Access
  • HB 223: Judgment Interest
  • SB 128: Roofing Fraud Enforcement


  • HB 153: PIP Solicitation Restrictions
  • SB 78: Towing Reforms

Latest IIK News

IIK Leads in Passage of Anti-Fraud Bill

HB 151 will help combat insurance fraud in Kentucky. Read more here.

“Innovation Sandbox” Legislation Passed

HB 386 establishes an “insurance sandbox” to allow companies to test insurance innovations. Read more here.

Life and Health Guaranty Fund Revisions Adopted

HB 382 updated the life and health guaranty fund to deal with long-term care. Read more here.

DOI Releases Bulletin on 2019 Legislation

Bulletin 2019-03 describes insurance legislation passed in 2019. Read more here.