The Insurance Institute of Kentucky is a non-profit corporation dedicated to educating, supporting, and assisting the Kentucky insurance consumer, market, and industry.

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IIK Strongly Supports Hands-free Cell Use

Distracted driving costs lives – it’s as simple as that. One of the best ways to cut down on distracted driving is to institute a hands-free requirement for drivers. Distractions while driving are those things that take our minds off driving and those that take our eyes off the road. Requiring hands-free use of cell phones helps cut down on those visual distractions. Read more about hands-free here.

IIK Working to Fix a Broken PIP System

One of IIK’s goals is to fix Kentucky’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) system. It is the only medical coverage in KY that has no means of controlling costs. There are no fee schedules or network rates, and provider bills are presumed to be reasonable. Recent court decisions have hampered the ability of insurers to examine if the treatment relates to the accident or is reasonably priced.

IIK advocates for allowing insurers a means to challenge the reasonableness of a provider’s billing and giving insurers the ability to use claims investigation methods to determine if treatment is appropriate.

IIK is working with legislators and other stakeholders to make positive changes in PIP, including combatting fraud that is rampant in the Metro Louisville area. Read more about PIP here.

IIK’s Legislative Success

IIK has a track record of success in promoting legislation to benefit the insurance consumer and the industry. Following is a list of IIK agenda bills passed in the last few years. See IIK news for explanations of the bills.



  • HB 232: Public Adjuster Regulation


  • HB 170: Streamline Settlements for Minors
  • HB 380: Modernize KY Insurance Laws


  • SB 71: Towing and Titling of Vehicles with Taxes Due


  • HB 150: ALI Restatement of the Law Restrictions
  • HB 154: Power of Attorney – Salvage Titles
  • HB 313: Auto Alarm Discounts/NICB Immunity


  • HB 151: Insurance Fraud Deterrence

Latest IIK News

2024: IIK Makes Its Voice Heard in the 2024 Legislative Session
IIK passed 8 out of its 9 priority bills in the 2024 legislative session.

2023: Public Adjuster Regulation Passed
IIK strongly supported HB 232, a bill that was passed to regulate the actions of public adjusters.

2023: Report Card on IIK’s 2023 Legislative Agenda Bills
Here’s what happened to each of the bills we worked to pass in the 2023 legislative session.

2023: IIK 2023 Legislative Agenda Bills
IIK will be working to pass several bills during the 2023 KY General Assembly session.

2022: IIK Leads in Passage of Bill Involving Settlements with Minors
IIK worked with Rep. Joe Fischer and the KY Justice Association to pass HB 170.

2022: IIK Worked to Modernize Insurance Marketing Laws
IIK led in the passage of HB 380 sponsored by Rep. Bart Rowland.

2022: IIK Supports Hands-Free Cell Phone Use Legislation
IIK strongly supports the passage of a hands-free cell phone use requirement.

2021: IIK Leads in Passage of SB 71 -Towing and Titling
SB 71 Establishes several important towing reforms to protect consumers and deals with a motor vehicle titling issue. Read more here.